• An amazing utility that revives data efficiently from Sony M2 memory cards
  • Scans and extracts any media file type from an inaccessible card
  • Formatted, deleted, corrupt or lost files can be effortlessly restored
  • Works well with all varieties of Sony memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives etc.

Sony M2 Memory Card is one of the most used removable flash memory card, which is used to extend the storage capacity of electronic gadgets. Mainly Sony M2 Memory Card is used in mobile and cameras to store high definition videos besides this it can store audio, images and documents. This memory card having enhanced features like high speed read and writes capability.

Besides of such features, the Sony memory card is fragile and tend to lose data due to minor mishandling. As memory card mainly used to store media files even though the user may store other important documents too. Losing such data may create an unbearable situation for you because there may be very crucial data stored on it. But now in the era of advanced technology, a team of experts have developed Sony Card Recovery software to get rid of such data loss problems related to Sony M2 memory card. Even, you can use this effective tool to recover data from various Sony memory cards. You may get more recovery tools by browsing which are claiming to recover data from M2 memory card. Even they may recover but some of them may create another problem by damaging files while performing the recovery process.

Thus, you should use a reliable tool like Sony Card Recovery software, which is highly used and recommended tool to perform Sony M2 memory card recovery. It can recover almost all types of media files including audio, video and images without any hassle. so, you can use this software to recover music files from SD Card without any modification of the source files.

Few reasons for deletion and loss of files from the Sony M2 Memory Card

  • Accidental Deletion: In memory card, there may be some duplicate or unwanted files while deleting such unwanted files you may choose important file and erase them which will lead to data loss from the Sony M2 memory card.
  • Unintentional Format: While interfacing Sony M2 Memory card to your system, you may get error messages like the drive is not formatted? Do you want to format it now? Such message occurs while file system gets damaged and thus makes you unable to read and write data on Sony M2 memory card.
  • Virus Infection: Viruses are the unwanted program which tends to modify the existing program and files. These viruses may attack the Sony M2 memory card and lead to deletion of data from it.
  • Faulty Firmware: Sony M2 memory cards are widely used in cameras and mobile phones. If there is some fault in the camera firmware it may lead to photo loss from the Sony M2 memory card.
  • Interruption While Moving File: Moving files to personal computer from Sony M2 memory card is a common process which is done by almost all users. While moving files, if there is some interruption then it leads to data loss from the memory card.

Features of Sony Card Recovery Tool

Sony Card Recovery tool is specially designed to perform Sony M2 memory card recovery. The software has an inbuilt powerful algorithm to get back data from the Sony M2 memory card. It is highly advanced software which provides an ideal solution for recovering data from M2 memory card and other storage devices. This software can be utilized to restore deleted files from a flash card whatever be the cause behind the loss of files. It is capable enough to recover all types of data including media files such as audio songs, videos, pictures, documents, etc. It has a nice interactive GUI which enables any novice user to perform Sony M2 memory card recovery without any prior knowledge. This software provides you option to view recovered data from the Sony M2 memory card. You are not bound to store files on any fix storage device, you can store recovered files on any storage device as per your requirement. Don’t worry, even you have accidentally formatted your Sony M2 card. Because this tool allows you to recover data from a formatted memory card within a few mouse clicks.

Steps to recover Sony M2 memory card data:

Step 1: Run the Sony Card Recovery application on your computer. Choose “Recover Photos” option as shown in Fig 1.

Sony M2 Memory Card Recovery- Main Screen

Fig1. Main Screen

Step 2: From the next screen, select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option based on your data loss scenario. Then, select your Sony M2 memory card from the displayed list, and then click on the next arrow button as shown in Fig 2.

Recover data from Sony M2 memory card-Select Memory Card

Fig2. Select Sony M2 Memory Card

Step 3: Now you can “Preview” the recovered data before saving as shown in Fig 3.

Sony M2 Memory Card Data Recovery - Preview Screen

Fig3. Preview Screen

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