• The hassle-free technique to get back files from CF cards
  • An highly-efficient algorithm scan and extracts media files from the compact flash cards
  • Recovery of all media file formats are well-supported
  • Performs file restoration from memory cards, MMC cards, memory cards, memory sticks and USB drives
  • Runs on all OS versions of Windows and Mac

CF cards or Compact Flash cards are generally used in the digital cameras and mobile phones as an external storage, to store pictures & videos that you click using them. Sony CF cards are one of the popular memory card brands available in the market. But there are certain situations when you will lose your media files stored on your Sony Compact Flash card. There is no need to worry as the Sony CF recovery utility will be able to perform Sony CF card recovery without any difficulty. The deletion or loss can be because of an accidental deletion or formatting of the card, an improper ejection from the camera or mobile phone, virus infection, etc. Let us see some of these in detail -

  1. Deletion – Deleting an important file from the Sony CF card instead of removing unwanted ones, is the most common reason for losing data. Sometimes while deleting a single picture, the user might erase all of them by accidentally pressing the Delete All option on the camera like Sony Xperia, Samsung, LG and so on. Click here to recover photos from Sony Xperia. Deletion can be unintentional when the CF card was connected to a system as an external device. This is due to the fact that the files erased from an externally connected device are not moved to the Recycle Bin or Mac Trash. The user might also delete files intentionally thinking that there is a backup but later realizes their mistake.
  2. Formatting – Formatting means to remove each and every bit of data from the drive which is being formatted. Like deletion, formatting can also be accidental or done knowingly. Sometimes the user is forced to format the drive which shows format error due to the corruption. In any of the ways, formatting leads to a huge data loss. As the format option is readily available to all the users along with the Rename and Eject option, therefore chances of accidental format are very frequent. So, an efficient recovery tool like Sony Card recovery should be kept handy.
  3. Transfer Interruption – Suppose you connected your Sony CF card to a system to transfer some files and during the process, your system shuts down. After rebooting when you open the CF card, you find that the files that were being transferred are not there. This might also lead to the corruption of the Sony CF card. The interruption in the transfer process can also be due to abruptly ejecting the CF card from the system or manually terminating the process.
  4. Virus Infection – Files saved on the Sony CF card might get deleted or lost when an infected file is saved on the card or the card is connected to an already infected computer system. The Sony CF card data may also get deleted due to anti-virus scanning. The reason is that the antivirus program might not identify the file type and treat it as a threat.

To attain Sony Compact Flash recovery under any of the above-mentioned deletion or loss scenarios, Sony CF card recovery tool will be the perfect solution. The software has an inbuilt and powerful scanning engine that works perfectly to restore deleted or lost data from the Sony CF card. It can also be used to perform the Sony Micro Vault recovery to recover data from it in just a few mouse clicks. The software is capable of restoring over 300 types of files which include documents, pictures, videos, audio files, exe files, rar, etc. The recovery can also be performed according to the user’s choice. Suppose you want to restore only photos of a particular format then select that file type and proceed with the recovery process. If by chance you do not find the desired file type, then you can add it by using the Add/Edit Signature. To accomplish Sony CF recovery, one do\n’t have to be a technical expert. You just have to follow the onscreen instructions and the files will be recovered within a few minutes. For more info refer to the steps mentioned below with corresponding screenshots.  

Procedure to Recover Files from Sony Compact Flash Card

Step 1- Download and install the software on your PC. Connect the Sony CF card to your computer with a help of memory card reader. Next, run the application and select “Recover Photos” option to start Sony card recovery. Then, choose the Sony Card from the list of available logical drives, and hit "Scan" button.

Sony Card Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2- The software now scans the selected SOny Card. Wait untill the scanning is complete. Upon the completion of scanning & recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed on the screen. You can view the recovered files in "Data View", and "File Type View"

Sony Card Recovery - Select the mode of recovery

Step 3- Before saving the recovered files, you can preview each of the recovered files, just by double-clicking on the file or by right-clicking on the file, and hitting Preview option.

Sony Card Recovery - Choose Preview option

Step 4- Finally, if the software has recovered all your files from Sony Card, and you are satisfied with the tool, then activate the licanese key of the tool, and save the recovered files at your desired location.

Sony Card Recovery - Save Recovered Photos

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