Sony Xperia M dual sim phone with 4-inch screen with 480 x 854 display resolution comes with NFC feature, which enables you to send music output to compatible speakers and also can even bring videos to much bigger screens wirelessly. The series of Sony Xperia has always been a reliable and sturdy android device. Sony Xperia M promises a lot to people with its incredible features. It comes with lot of changes in its camera features like capturing HD photos in locked screen mode. It’s really heartening for anyone who loses files from their device.

Even if you got huge memory in your phone still it won’t be enough these days. So often, you have to transfer files from phone to PC for storing of new files. You did the same process but while transferring unusually it was interrupted for some unknown reason. The transferred files became inaccessible, and the files have already moved from leaving it empty. What can be done at this stage? In order to do a complete Sony Xperia M recovery you can rely on a reliable tool like Sony Card Recovery. There are various other situations leading to deletion or loss of files from Sony Xperia M phone.

Probable Reasons behind loss or deletion of files from Sony Xperia M smart phone:

  • Unintentional deletion: Smooth touch screen of Sony Xperia M may prompt you to make a mistake easily instead of touching the “Copy “option you may touch “Delete” option.
  • Abrupt Removal: If you didn’t use the “ Eject or Safely Remove Hardware” option provided by Windows OS , it may damage your Sony Xperia M internal storage or external storage . This might lead to loss of files.
  • Virus infiltrations: Connecting your Sony Xperia M smart phone to an infected PC will replicate the same on your smart phone also. This will lead to loss of files from the smart phone.
  • Forced Shut down: When Sony Xperia M is connected to the computer and if you try to shut down the system forcefully. This will prompt a warning message saying one file needs to be closed. Ignoring such messages and allowing the system to shut down may lead to data loss present on the Smart phone.
  • Third party applications: At time the third party applications like antivirus installed on your system will consider the files in your Sony smart phone as malicious when connected to it, and will remove the files stored inside it.

What makes Sony Xperia M recovery easy?

It’s pretty easy to overcome such situations if you react fast. The moment you realize that you have lost files from Sony Xperia M phone, stop doing operations with it and never add any more file to it. Following to this you can install Sony Card Recovery software for faster and safer Sony Xperia M recovery.

Sony Card Recovery is simple and ideal software which scans your entire storage devices and recover loss data from Sony Xperia M Android smart phone. This application helps to restore lost or deleted files from Sony Xperia M within minutes after scanning gets completed. The recovered files can also be stored on any location as preferred by the user. With the help of this tool you can easily recover pictures from digital camera, camcorders, smart phones and other devices.

This utility also permits the user to store the files after recovering data from Sony Xperia M smart phone into a ZIP archive this is of great help in order to save space. It can also undelete PPT, DOC, PDF, JPG, PNG, AVI, MP4, MOV, M4V, MPEG, MPG, WAV, etc from Sony Xperia M phone.Besides SD cards, Sony Card Recovery application also works efficiently to retrieve data from Sony CF cards, pen drive, Micro SD card and external hard drive.

Steps to perform Sony Xperia M recovery:

Step 1- Download and install the software on your PC. Then connect the Sony Xperia M to the system. Next run the application and select “Recover Photos” option.

Sony Card Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2- In the next window, opt for either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option, based on the data loss scenario. Next specify the appropriate drive .

Sony Card Recovery - Select the mode of recovery

Step 3- Then the software scans the specified drive and returns a list of found files. Preview the recovered file and save the recovery session for future use. Finally select the required filesand save them on any drive / partition.

Sony Card Recovery - Choose Physical Drive

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users