Over the past few years, the technology has developed in such a way that, now it is possible to save all your valuable data in a small chip like memory card, pen drives etc. In earlier days, the only means of storage was an internal hard drive which comes embedded with computers. Though it used to provide lots of memory space for file storage, there were many drawbacks associated with it. Users were not able to share their files since hard drives were not portable. In addition to this, hard drives were heavy which makes it difficult to carry. Hence, new chip like storage drives were developed and launched called memory cards. These memory cards were introduced as a basic storage device for different devices. The introduction of memory cards amazed everyone since, one could save huge amount of data in a small space.

Memory Card is a flash storage device which is commonly used to store data on all electronic gadgets such as cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, video game, iPods etc. It is commonly used mainly because of its size, ease of use, storage capacity, portability and high compatibility. It is often used to transfer data to and from to different digital devices. Memory card has various kinds like, CF, SD, XD, SDHC and many more. But at times, you might face problems while accessing or using memory card on Mac machine. It usually happens if the logical structure of the memory card gets corrupt then all the files become inaccessible so, the only way to fix this card corruption is by formatting it. But, formatting memory card leads to deletion or loss of data completely. However, don’t panic! You can recover memory card Mac using Mac version of Sony Card Recovery Software. But, before that,

Scenarios that lead to deletion or loss of data from memory card Mac:

  • You may accidentally delete any of your file from the memory card and later you might be late in realizing that files deleted from memory cards are deleted completely and doesn’t even get saved on any temporary storage like Trash. In such case, don't worry as you can recover memory card Mac using Sony Card Recovery Software  
  • Unintentionally formatting the memory card from your electronic device or when connected to your Mac machine may lead to deletion or loss of your important files from it. You can restore memory card Mac using Sony Card Recovery Software
  • As memory cards are very delicate due to its small structure so, while ejecting the memory card from its slot, you must use eject option to properly remove memory card from your device. If you fail to handle it properly, then you may result in memory card corruption because of which, you need to format the card when it is connected next time to your camera or Mac machine
  • Utilizing the same memory card on different electronic devices or systems, Interruption during data transfer from memory card to PC or vice versa etc are also the reasons that may lead to deletion or loss of data from memory card where, you can restore memory card Mac using Sony Card Recovery Software

If you have come across with any of the situations mentioned above then, don’t worry! As stated before, you can now perform memory card recovery Mac using Sony Card Recovery Software. This software uses high-end technique to recover memory card Mac data such as, pictures, audio and videos etc. either deleted or lost with ease. This software also supports picture recovery from digital camera and from other different electronic devices with ease. This software facilitates you the finest and fastest ways of retrieving media files from different memory cards such as, SD, CF, XD, MMC, Smart Media, and Memory Stick etc. It also supports Card recovery from different brands of memory card like, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Fujifilm etc on all the latest versions of Mac as well as windows operating systems. To recover memory card Mac successfully, you can make use of a specialized and safe tool. With the help of this, you can even recover photos from Sony Xperia where, Sony Xperia is Smartphone which can easily take high quality videos and images etc. Hence, this is highly skilled software to recover memory card Mac. So, hurry up!! Buy this software and restore memory card Mac within a fraction of seconds.

Steps to perform memory card recovery Mac using Sony Card Recovery Software:

Step 1: Eject the memory card from your camera or any other portable device and Plug-in your memory card to your Mac machine via card reader or USB to retrieve memory card Mac. Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the main screen select “Recover Photos” option to perform memory card recovery Mac.

Restore Memory Card Mac - Main Screen

Fig 1. Welcome Page

Step 2: Now, the software scans and displays a list of logical drives including memory card choose the particular memory card as a drive and click on “Next” button to perform Mac memory card recovery.

Restore Memory Card Mac- Select Logical Drive

Fig 2. Select Logical Drive

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, you can view the recovered files in two different views i.e. “Data Type View” or “File Type View” using “Preview” option and then “Save” the recovered files to your desired location on computer.

Restore Memory Card Mac - Preview Recovered Files

Fig 3. Preview Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users