Yes, you can lock Notes in iPhone. There may be lot of circumstances when you feel the need to lock iPhone Notes. If you have any personal data, if any data in the Notes which may create controversies or any documentation on any studies are stored in it then you will need to lock Notes in iPhone.

Consider a situation, “I use iPhone and have saved lots of private notes in my Notes App. My iPhone, if someone accesses then they will read it which is very irritating. I do not want this to happen, what can I do now? If I want to lock the Notes means I need to lock the phone only. Each time I need to unlock by entering password. Please suggest me if there is a way to lock only Notes App on my iPhone.” You may find these kinds of old posts in some forums. iOS was not supporting locking of Apps individually in earlier days. Now you can lock it by enabling restrictions. The detailed procedure to restrict access to your notes is as follows:

  • Go to “Settings” and click on “General”. Then tap on “Restrictions” option. Then tap on “Enable Restrictions” option and enter the passcode.
  • Then you will get the list of Apps and other things on iPhone on which you can enable or disable restriction.
  • If the button corresponding to any App is on then it is understood that the restriction on the App is ON.
  • To make any changes in the settings of restriction, you need to remember the passcode each time you choose “Restrictions” option.

But if you forget the password, you need to perform factory restore on iPhone. After this all data which you had stored will be gone. Therefore, it is better to use Apps that lock your Notes for you.
Remo MORE software is the best App for locking your private Notes. This is very user friendly and you can easily lock Notes in iPhone using this App.

Remo MORE to lock Notes in iPhone:

Remo MORE App helps you to lock iPhone Notes easily. This App has simple interface and you can create Notes in it and save. It is secure and nobody would be having the idea that there is a private note on your phone in this App. This App needs password for accessing notes and hence locking your important Notes in iPhone is easy. This App can also be used to create private bookmarks. You can browse any webpages using the browser in this App and add webpages to favorites. There are lot of features incorporated in this App to manage, optimize and recover data on iPhone. This App can also be used on other devices having iOS.

Procedure to lock Notes in iPhone using Remo MORE software:

Step 1 – Download and install Remo MORE App on your Apple iPhone. Launch the App and tap on “Manage” option to get the screen as shown in Fig 1. Then tap on “Locker” option.

Lock Notes in iPhone - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2 – The next screen will appear in which you need to set password. Later whenever you are tapping on “Locker”, you will get the screen as shown in Fig 2. You need to enter the password which you had set.

Lock Notes in iPhone - Locker Main Screen

Fig 2. Locker Main Screen

Step 3 – The next screen appears as shown in Fig 3. Tap on “Private Notes” from the screen. The next screen will appear in which you can type a note and save it.

Lock Notes in iPhone - Locker My Files Screen

Fig 3. Locker My Files Screen

Step 4 – The sample of typed note will appear as shown in Fig 4. Tap on “Save” option to save the note.

Lock Notes in iPhone - Add Private Note

Fig 4. Add Private Note

Step 5 – Pop up will appear where you need to enter name of note as shown in Fig 5. Then click on “OK”.

Lock Notes in iPhone - Add Title for Note

Fig 5. Add Title for Note

Step 6 – The saved note will be seen as shown in Fig 6. You can edit it or delete.

Lock Notes in iPhone - New Note Created

Fig 6. New Note Created