Is your laptop taking more time than usual to startup? This happens generally when data gets piled up on the laptop. The number of programs that open on startup if increases then you face slow boot up problems. You can add RAM to your laptop if you do not want to make any changes with the programs being used on your system. Otherwise you can solve the problem of slow startup speed on your laptop by disabling any unnecessary programs running on startup. You can do it manually with a simple procedure as given below. But this may not be a reliable process by yourself as you may commit any mistakes while carrying out the process. Hence it is better to use suitable software for improving laptop boot time. Remo MORE software does this for you on your laptop in a secure way.

How to increase startup speed of your laptop with default settings on system?

  • Firstly click on “Start” menu and type “Run”. The dialogue box of Run will open
  • Then type “msconfig” in the box (without quotes) and click on “OK” button
  • Microsoft System Configuration will open. Select “Startup” tab from it and you will be able to view all programs that loads on startup on your computer currently
  • Uncheck the box consecutive to the program which you do not want to load on startup
  • Then click on “OK” to save the settings

Like this you can boost the boot up time of your laptop. There are various factors that matter for increasing laptop startup speed other than programs that load on startup. They are, increased fragmentation on your laptop hard drive, increased junk temporary files on the system, etc.

You cannot crack your head behind these things affecting the startup speed of your laptop. You also will be in much need of improving laptop boot speed when you use the laptop for your work. You might have to deal with designing any ads, working on any tool related to your project and so on. In such situation Remo MORE helps is the one stop solution for all your PC issues that are the reasons for your system to boot late.

Remo MORE to increase laptop startup speed:

Remo MORE can be used to increase laptop startup speed with few simple clicks. This application comes for free and this optimizes the programs running on startup to increase speed performance of laptop boot up. You have the option of one click maintenance that provides you more options for enhancing startup speed of your laptop. This software enables you to fix registry error, disk check error, scan junk files, etc. which are the main causes for your laptop booting very late. Carrying out these operations is very easy with this utility as this comes with detailed and clear instructions on each navigation screen. You can even have technical assistance by the Remo team anytime when you got struck while using this tool.

Simple steps to enhance laptop startup speed:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software on your laptop. Run the utility and select “Enhance” option from software screen and you will get the window as shown in Figure 1. Select “Start-Up Speed Enhancer” from the screen.

Increase Laptop Boot Speed - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You will be navigated to the screen as shown in Figure 2. Here you can find the information of Startup Items and their status whether they are enabled or disabled. Click on “Start” button to make any changes in status of Startup Items

Increase Laptop Boot Speed - Speed Enhancer Main Screen

Figure 2: Speed Enhancer Main Screen

Step 3: By viewing Startup Items as shown in Figure 3. uncheck the ones that you want to disable on Startup and close the tool.

Increase Laptop Boot Speed - Uncheck Unwanted Startup Items

Figure 3: Uncheck Unwanted Startup Items