As USB thumbnails and memory cards gets larger and cheaper it is getting easier to trust much more of your data to them. SD cards are commonly used to store data in many digital cameras, cell phones and many other electronic devices. There are three types of memory cards that are commonly used: Standard SD card, SD High-Capacity (SDHC) and SD Extra-Capacity (SDXC). An SD can store data and can be used to transfer data from one device to another.

Standard SD card is again classified into micro SD card and mini SD card having capacity up to 2GB. Classification of SDHC such as mini SDHC and micro SDHC support memory between 2GB and 32GB. SDXC memory cards offer higher memory capacity of 32GB to 2TB. In this given day and age, almost all store their information whether it is any personal records, photos, videos, music, documents etc. in digital form. Keeping information in digital form has many advantages the most beneficial of which is portability. Any amount of files, documents, images, videos etc. can be kept in something that can fit in your jeans pocket. You can say that SD card is indivisible part of human being’s life. The SD card is inserted into the digital device and it stores pictures, documents, videos, images, music etc. They make your device much larger and bigger.

Like most other devices, SD cards  may sometimes get damage, fail or corrupt. SD card may even get corrupted or damaged by malicious virus or malware. Recovering files from damaged SD card is an easy task. If you have accidentally deleted videos from Sony camcorder then Check this page to recover deleted videos from Sony camcorder.

In other words, data files on SD card are not safe as you thought. There is always a risk of files being lost in various ways that in turn will require a recovery tool that performs restoring files from damaged SD card. As ordinary people don’t have the habit of keeping the backup of their important files and data, they may send the SD to a recovery shop for restoring files from damaged SD card. This is very expensive and time consuming. There are many reasons that can cause memory card error or corruption which makes data on the drive inaccessible. Damaged removable storage devices like pen drives, memory cards, SD cards, USB flash drives do not erase file data on it. All files are still there, they are just not readable. So with the help of efficient recovery tool, recovering files from a damaged SD card is easy. Always pay attention that you do not add any new data to your damaged SD card before you recover lost files. If you add any new data then it will overwrite the previously stored files which make recovering files from damaged SD card a difficult task. Overwriting will remove all previously stored data in it. If you didn’t overwrite anything, restoring files from damaged SD card is not a big issue. It is also possible to recover photos from digital camera of various brands.

There are several reasons by which your SD card gets damaged or corrupted. Few of them are:

  • SD card memory is full
  • SD card errors
  • Virus attack
  • Power failure
  • File System corruption

Few tips to avoid SD card corruption or damage:

  • Use write protection: Before you attempt any recovery operation, your SD card should be mounted as read – only to prevent further data loss or accidental destruction of data. SD cards have write protect switch which makes it easier to protect them before attempting a recovery operation.
  • Use “Safely Unplug Hard ware” option: Remove memory card only by proper ejecting method, if it connected to any computer or any other device.


  • The software scans the entire SD card to identify and extract all types of generic and RAW image formats without affecting recovered pictures during recovery process.
  • Restore pictures, videos, audios, documents etc from corrupted, reformatted or inaccessible SD cards.
  • Recover deleted or lost files from various types SD memory cards including SDHC, SDXC, micro SD, mini SD, CF, XD, MMC.
  • Save recovered files on any compatible storage device connected to your Windows or Mac operating system.
  • Preview the recovered images before storing them back. Visit: to know how to recover lost or deleted data from Sony SxS card.


Steps for recovering files from damaged SD card:

Step 1- Download and install software on your PC. Select “Recover Photos” from main screen.

Recovering Files from Damaged SD Card  - Main Screen


Step 2- Select “Recover Lost Photos” from the next window to recover files from damaged SD Card. Select the damaged SD card from which you want to recover the files.

Recovering Files from Damaged SD Card - Select the mode of recovery

Step 3- After scanning process is completed, preview the recovered files using “Preview” option and save it to desired location. ( You cannot save files if you are using the demo version)

Recovering Files from Damaged SD Card  - Choose Physical Drive

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