Music plays a very important role in your day to day life as it helps you in relaxing. There are many digital electronic devices created especially to enjoy your favorite music. No matter where you are, you can hear songs by using portable MP3 players, iPod, etc. You can download and keep thousands of songs in your playlist. Because of large number music files, you may forget already downloaded songs and there you may download same songs on your device. It increases number of duplicate songs and consumes more space unnecessarily on your mobile, iPod, MP3 player or computers. In such case, you need to find and delete duplicate songs from your device. If you are having too many duplicate songs in your song collections then it will become very difficult to easily search and clean duplicate songs manually.

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If you have experienced such type of issues then you might be familiar with the pain and effort it takes to find and clean duplicate songs from collection of huge music collection manually. Thus, keeping this trouble in mind software professionals have come with known Remo MORE Software which, can easily detect and clean duplicate songs in a very short span of time. It is necessary to delete duplicate songs as these unnecessarily occupy memory space on hard drive. If there are lots of duplicate songs on your hard drive then you may run out of memory space. Apart from this, it also creates a lot of confusion while you want to search your favorite song from huge collections of music files. Each time you want to play music, you have to struggle a lot for finding it. Presence of duplicate files on your system clogs down your computer and contributes in its slow performance.

Benefits of removing duplicate songs:

  • Increases system performance by deleting duplicate songs
  • Reduce backup size and time
  • Free up memory space on devices like iPod, MP3 players and USB drives
  • You can keep all music files in an organized manner to avoid confusion

Why Remo MORE to remove Duplicate Songs?

Remo MORE software is highly effective software which can easily find and delete duplicate songs from your computer in a very simple way. The results are very much accurate i.e., it helps you in deleting duplicate songs with much confidence. There are two options provided after the tool searches the duplicate files. You can either delete them permanently or send them to Recycle Bin. The software is developed with the help of an advance algorithm which has ability to perform scanning of hard drive to find out duplicate songs dwelling on it and then deleting duplicate songs from your hard drive. You can easily decide which file to delete and which to retain after having a look over this report. It comes completely free of cost. Remo MORE has a very attractive user interface which can help you to interact with this utility. This software has earned much appreciation for its superb performance. Hence, it is one of the best tools to remove duplicate songs.

Steps to Remove Duplicate Songs using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software to start duplicate songs removal process. From the main screen select “Optimize” and then click on “Remove Duplicates” option to delete duplicate songs.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs? - Welcome Page

Fig 1. Welcome Page

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Step 2: From the next screen select any of the option among “Find Duplicate Drive” or “Find Duplicate Folder” based on your requirement.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs? - Select Drive/Folder

Fig 2. Select Drive/Folder

Step 3: Select the file types and let the tool to “Scan” for duplicates of given file types.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs? - Preview window

Fig 3. Select Files

Step 4: After scanning, you will get a list of duplicate files. From the list mark the files you want to delete and then click on “Finish” button to end the process.

How to Delete Duplicate Songs? - Preview window

Fig 4. Duplicate Files Displayed

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